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Located in Seattle's Central District neighborhood in and near Pratt Park.


Pratt Fine Arts Center

1902 South Main Street

Seattle, WA 98144





Hours of Operation:

Reception: 8:30 am - 10 pm

Studios: 9 am - 10 pm

Administration: 9 am - 5 pm (M-F)

Note: Pratt is closed during all major Holidays

Emergency Weather Closures:

Pratt Fine Arts Center will cancel classes and close its offices and studios due to inclimate weather following Seattle Central Community College. When they are closed for weather emergencies, so are we.

Additional Contact Info

executive director

Steve Galatro

Executive Director

206.328.2200 x 232


Laura Bell Hammarlund

Development Director

206.328.2200 x264

Julie Custer

Grant and Sponsorship Manager

206.328.2200 x 235

Lori Bailey

Database Administrator



Lindsay Walter

Marketing Director

206.328.2200 x 260

Heather Olson

Digital Marketing Assistant

206.328.2200 x 262


Oakley Madan

Director of Events and Artist Engagement

206.328.2200 x 261


Ryan Davis

Operations Manager

206.328.2200 x 265

Jan O'Callahan

Information Technician

206.328.2200 x 246

Dustin Curtis

Customer Service Manager

206.328.2200 x 221


Kamla Kakaria

Print & 2D Studio Manager

206.328.2200 x 229

Rebbecca Tomas

Jewelry/Metals Manager

206.328.2200 x 233

programs (continued)

Myra Kaha

Youth & Teen Studio Manager

206.328.2200 x 224

Chuck Lopez

Glass Studio Technician

206.328.2200 x 234

Scott Darlington

Glass Studio Manager

206.328.2200 x 266

Lisa Geertsen

Metal & Studio Manager

206.328.2200 x 258

David Clark

Sculpture Technician

206.328.2200 x 228

Todd Jannausch

Wood Studio Manager

206.328.2200 x 223