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Pratt Fine Arts Center offers year-round programming. This model allows us to be able to better serve your needs with more options for class start dates, durations, and price points.  For more information, please see our Programming Model FAQs.


I’m interested in taking classes at Pratt. Where do I start?

Start by browsing Pratt.Link, our online class registration system! New students can take any class that does not have a prerequisite. Many students try out different techniques and studios in order to learn what interests them. If you have questions about our class offerings, feel free to call us at 206.328.2200. We can help you find the perfect place to start.

Can I get an academic degree at Pratt?

No. Pratt is a non-accredited community arts school and therefore you cannot earn an academic degree. However, students have complete flexibility in pursuing their art education. Students may take as many or as few classes as they want and go in any direction they choose.

Can I get a tour of Pratt’s studios?

Absolutely! Please contact our front desk, 206-328-2200 x0 or, and make an appointment to take a tour of our studios.

Does Pratt close due to bad weather?

Pratt follows Seattle Central Community College’s weather closure policy. Call 206.587.3800, or go to SCCC’s website.

Is parking available at Pratt?

Yes. Free parking is available in our parking lot and on neighborhood streets.

How do I register for a class?

To register online, go to Pratt.Link, our online registration system. You can also register by mail, fax or in-person. For information on registering this way, please call 206.328.2200.

Payment is required at the time of registration.

My schedule has changed, how can I drop a class and what is your drop policy?

Withdrawals and Refunds: If Pratt cancels a class or significantly alters a class a full refund will be issued   unless the student decides to be placed in an alternate class. In order to withdraw from a class voluntarily students must contact the Front Desk by phone or email and request to be withdrawn. Students who withdraw from a class  at least ten days prior to its first meeting will receive a 90% tuition refund. Please note that all classes consider 10% of tuition to be a non-refundable deposit in cases of withdrawal. Refunds will be issued within 14 business days from the date of withdrawal.  Students withdrawing fewer than ten days from the first day of class are not eligible for a refund.

Non-Refundable Deposit: 10% of tuition is considered non-refundable in cases of withdrawal for all students. Pratt refunds 100% of tuition when Pratt cancels or significantly alters a class or workshop.

Visit our POLICIES page for more information

What does it mean to be on Pratt’s waitlist?

As soon as a class fills at Pratt, additional students are put on a waitlist. If an enrolled student drops that class, waitlisted students will be contacted to see if they are still interested in taking the class.

Do you offer one-on-one instruction?

Indeed! Pratt offers Custom Classes for students interested in designing a specialized hands-on learning experience. Make your creative experience happen when the time is right for you.

How can I find out what supplies I need for my class/workshop?

After you register, you will receive a list of required supplies. If you need to purchase supplies prior to the first day of class, you should also receive a list of art supply stores where you can buy them. Contact the front desk if you have any questions.

Do you offer scholarships or financial assistance?

Yes. Pratt is dedicated to offering students a wide array of financial support and scholarship opportunities including tuition assistance and scholarships.

Do I have to be a member to take classes at Pratt?

No, you don’t. However, Master Level members receive a 10% discount on all classes.
Learn more about the benefits of membership.

Can I make a donation to Pratt?

Absolutely! Learn more about how you can donate to Pratt.

Do you sell Gift Cards?

We do! Pratt sells Gift Cards that can be used towards tuition, Pratt merchandise, studio rental and art parties.
Purchase a Gift Card now.

Can I use your studios independently to complete my own work?

Yes. Pratt provides access to its studios to artists between class times. Learn more about our Studio Access Program. Our studios are also available for group events. Learn more about having an Art Party or Corporate/Private Event at Pratt.

Can I host a party at Pratt?

Of course! Whether you are celebrating a special event, organizing a workplace retreat or looking to reward employees or clients, Pratt Fine Arts Center can help create an art adventure for you. Learn more about having an Art Party or Corporate/Private Event at Pratt.

Can I volunteer at Pratt?

Thank you for asking. Periodically Pratt has the opportunity for enthusiastic volunteers to help with upcoming events, mailings and data entry. Learn more about how you can get involved.
Do you have a gallery space?

No. The Pratt Gallery at Tashiro Kaplan Studios closed January 1, 2013. Visit our Lectures and Exhibitions page for upcoming shows.

Can I teach a class at Pratt?

We are always looking for new and innovative classes and instructors.  Email inquiries to