Pratt Fine Arts Center

Pratt is the only facility in the Northwest where absolute beginners and established artists work side-by-side creating art. Affordable studios with unparalleled equipment offer artists of all ages, abilities and backgrounds with the opportunity to learn, experiment, and create.

Named in memory of slain Seattle Civil Rights leader Edwin T. Pratt.

Pratt Fine Arts Center serves as a lasting tribute to Edwin T. Pratt, a man who relentlessly championed open and equal access to educational and housing opportunities for all of Seattle’s citizens. Pratt Fine Arts Center honors his memory by continuing to pursue its mission of making art education accessible to everyone, for people of all ages, all skill levels, and all backgrounds.

 Operating as a 501 (c)(3) organization, Pratt welcomes over 3,900 students and 300 working artists annually to a dynamic creative community. In total, Pratt classes, exhibitions, lectures and programs touch more than 20,000 people annually. Many established local, regional, and nationally known artists began their professional careers in our studios. After 40 years of serving our community, Pratt continues to fulfill its founders’ vision of being The Place to Make Art.

Covering nearly two city blocks in Seattle’s Central District, the Pratt campus features spacious and well-lit drawing and painting studios, Seattle’s largest printmaking studio, a typesetting and letterpress workshop, a glassblowing and casting hotshop, a flameworking, fusing and kiln casting studio, a woodworking studio, a jewelry and metalsmithing workshop, a forging studio, a bronze-casting foundry, a welding and metal fabrication shop, and a covered stone yard.

The highly accomplished Teaching Artists at Pratt encourage participants to fully explore their creative interests. Participants are free to focus and develop to the highest levels of proficiency in a specific discipline, or to sample the many diverse techniques offered. The result is a fertile environment that allows participants to expand their skills as widely as their aptitudes and imaginations permit.

Pratt Mission

Pratt Fine Arts Center makes arts accessible to everyone, offering a place for spirited exchange, self expression and personal transformation through creativity. Pratt is dedicated to fostering artistic development and engagement locally, nationally and internationally. A unique multidisciplinary visual arts resource, Pratt provides education  and instruction, community programs and professionally equipped art making facilities.

Racial Equity Statement


Contact us / Directions and Hours of Operation 

1902 South Main Street
Seattle WA 98144

Reception: 8:30am - 10pm
Studios: 9:00am - 10pm
Administration: 9am -5pm (M-F)