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Jewelry/Metalworking Studios

Pratt's Jewelry and Metalsmithing Studios are fully equipped to meet the needs of jewelry artists at any level.

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Our studios offer:

  • two separate fully-equipped jewelry studios, with a total of 20 jewelers’ benches, and a flex shaft at each bench
  • acetylene/air torches for general soldering and natural gas/compressed air torches for large-scale annealing and soldering
  • hydraulic press
  • three rolling mills
  • step shear, Pepe benchtop shear, and Beverly shear
  • casting, PMC, and enameling kilns including two Vcella kilns for enameling
  • extensive range of holloware stakes and hammers
  • dedicated finishing room with buffing unit, ultrasonic cleaner, and magnetic tumbler
  • set of dedicated small tools for studio artists, including dapping punch set, dapping block, disc cutter, letter and numeral stamps
  • access to hand tools

Studio Access Rates: $25/day or $150/month

Check the availability of Pratt’s Front Jewelry Studio

Check the availability of Pratt’s Back Jewelry Studio


For more information on Pratt’s Jewelry and Metalsmithing Studios, please contact our front desk at 206.328.2200 x221 or

Read our FAQ about the Jewelry Studio Access Program.