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 Creative Resilience Campaign

As we look ahead to recovery from the global pandemic that has been COVID-19, we face unprecedented new challenges. Our collective well-being has been compromised and the distance between us is greater than ever. As drivers of economic, social and mental health, we know that the arts will play a critical role in bringing our community back together.

Continuing throughout 2021, Pratt will conduct our Creative Resilience Campaign to ensure that its vital programs may contribute to a community-wide rejuvenation and to secure the long-term health of the Center itself. The Creative Resilience Campaign will protect Pratt’s ability to achieve its mission when it is needed most.


Mission: to foster a creative, inclusive art-making community, providing access to quality education and professionally equipped studios for everyone. We promote the joy and transformative power of art and actively support the development of visual artists. 


A successful campaign will all Pratt to achieve the following outcomes:

  • mitigate losses from program interruption
  • create and sustain employment opportunities for artists and art administrators
  • restore outlets for social engagement, creativity, and imagination
  • rebuild educational programming, integrating virtual options
  • revamp fundraising initiatives to reduce short-term reliance on large, in-person events
  • ensure that art is accessible to everyone, as a key component of personal and community-wide resilience
  • ensure that youth have access to art education to contribute to the recovery of local school systems
  • ensure that artists have access to the space and tools they need to restore successful practices and continue to inspire us all

The Creative Resilience Campaign will include a variety of initiatives through December 31, 2021, including (but not limited to) securing relief grants, GiveBIG, an online art sale, Pratt Live! an innovative virtual telethon, and individual support from year-end giving.


Pratt is now accepting donations to the Creative Resilience Campaign.

Make a one-time gift or sign up for smARTfund to provide low-cost, monthly support throughout the campaign.

Support Pratt’s Creative Resilience Campaign and make a donation today!


Pratt Fine Arts Center is supported in part by 4Culture, ArtsFund, the Klorfine Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, and the Washington State Arts Commission.