Racial Equity at Pratt Fine Arts Center

Pratt affirms that:

  • Arts and culture spark dialogue, spur social transformation and make our communities strong. However, communities of color, including immigrants and refugees, experience vast disparities in access to publicly funded services, including arts education.
  • All communities are worthy of equal access to an arts education.
  • All artists deserve the opportunity to have their art supported, presented and experienced.
  • Historic and institutional racism, including conscious and unconscious practices, have had a major impact on arts education and support of artists of color. Pratt agrees to be accountable to those within its organization, as well as the diverse community in which it serves to actively work to combat and change this. 
  • Equitable access to arts education, and support of all artists are crucial.
  • We recognize that it is necessary to commit effort, time and resources in order to rectify historic inequities.
Pratt believes that:

  • Recommended solutions of the past, which have focused on diversity rather than structural inequities, have not resulted in successful outcomes in equitable inclusion or equal access to arts education or support of artists of color. 
  • Addressing historic injustices is a critical part of achieving equity for communities of color. 
  • Bringing together staff and other partners with differing backgrounds and life experiences will enhance Pratt’s ability to increase and create enriching opportunities for all families and children to succeed.
Therefore, Pratt has made racial equity in arts education and organizational operations a key priority. We have committed financial and human resources to training ourselves on structural racism and are committed to creating and testing solutions to irrevocably change systems through the following actions:

  • Educate ourselves and our communities on the existence and impact of historic racism and design new thinking and practices to offset its impact. 
  • Design and implement new policies and practices within our organizations intended to analyze, understand and disrupt the effects of racism.
  • Research and collect data that accurately represents the demographics served by and serving at Pratt. 
  • Intentionally seek, consider and select members from communities of color for the Pratt board and staff.
  • Select and support staff and members for board service whose values include racial equity.
  • Require all board members and staff members to attend racial equity training. 
  • Engage in programming and planning, including collaboration with other local organizations, in order to nurture and cultivate artists of color, administrators from diverse communities, and other organizations serving communities of color. 
  • Facilitate the participation of artists, teachers, speakers, the neighborhood, and other stakeholders in Pratt’s programming and events. 
  • Work with other local, regional and national organizations that are also working toward greater racial equity in arts education.
  • Create and connect programs and partnerships with other local organizations that increase the number of and success of people of color in the arts.  
Why lead with race? View our statement developed by the Racial Equity committee in 2018.

View our Theory of Change document, which was developed by the Pratt Racial Equity Committee. This is a living document that describes Pratt's ongoing work to advance racial equity throughout our organization.